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Here's video of Rudy's chat with his hero Cheech Marin. He nearly kills Mr. Marin with laughter.
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Rudy Chats with Cheech
Cheech Marin joined us on Loveline last night and had a wonderful conversation with our buddy Rudy. I've never seen Rudy happier.
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Poor Dr. Drew has come down with the flu and is feeling pretty terrible. Luckily for him, Dr. Rudy Cisneros (and his grandma) are here to help!
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Olivia Munn joins us in studio and really enjoys meeting some of our friends... including a strange encounter with a seemingly confused Sean Connery.
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Simone is introduced to our good friend Rudy. It goes pretty much just like you'd imagine.
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Wix Eargasm
While sifting through all the Eargasm entries that have come through so far, I stumbled across this gem from our very own Rudy Cisneros. Looks like we've got a front runner.
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Everything Else
Rudy's Grand Reveal
I finally talked Rudy into letting me post a picture of him with Mike and Drew. However, he wouldn't let me do it until a certain post on our Facebook page got 1,000 likes and 1,000 comments. Well, those requirements were met so, without further adieu, here's Rudy!
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Rudy's New Tattoo
Rudy got super excited when he found out we were going to have tattoo artist Dan Smith on the show. He really wanted to talk to Dan about a tattoo he was thinking about getting. I sure hope he goes through with it.
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